Bordeaux Shirt Light Grey in Cupro Twill

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The Bordeaux Olga Shirt in Light Grey Cupro Twill is great for all occasions. It has an effortlessly chic, relaxed silhouette that drapes with ease. Leave it loose or tuck it in - the choice is yours.

  • Relaxed, trapeze shape
  • Oversized fit
  • Collar and button front
  • 3/4 sleeves that can be rolled and buttoned up
  • Hip length at front, longer at the back
  • A fabrication that blends Cupro and Viscose, both regenerated from cellulose plant fibre
  • This fabric delicately cascades and drapes, with the smooth, silky surface offering a gentle feel
  • Light and airy with a subtle sheen

Experience the epitome of elegance with our Cupro - Viscose blend fabric, a harmonious marriage of two premium materials, both regenerated from cellulose plant fibres. This fabric is the embodiment of luxury, designed to elevate your wardrobe with its unmatched qualities.

Our Cupro - Viscose blend fabric has a beautiful texture and drape. As you run your fingers over its surface, you'll be captivated by the smooth, silky touch that delicately caresses your skin. This fabric gently cascades and drapes, creating a fluidity that's both graceful and enchanting.

There is a delightful lightweight quality to this fabric. It feels like a whisper against your skin, allowing for unrestricted movement and comfort. Its breathable nature ensures you stay cool and comfortable in any climate, making it perfect for those balmy summer evenings or chic layering in cooler seasons.

The gentle lustre creates an eye-catching effect without being overpowering, making it suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

While our Cupro-Viscose blend fabric exudes opulence, it also boasts remarkable durability. This fabric can withstand the test of time, ensuring that your creations remain stunning for years to come.



52% Cupro, 48% Viscose

    Sizing & Fit

    The signature Olga Shirt is an oversized fit. We recommend sizing down, unless you prefer an overly loose fit.

    Garment measurements (in cm):

























    Care Instructions

    By following these care instructions, you can ensure that your Cupro - Viscose blend garment remains in pristine condition, allowing you to enjoy its luxurious qualities for years to come.

    • Gentle Hand Wash: We recommend hand washing this delicate garment to maintain its luxurious texture and sheen. Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add a mild detergent specifically designed for delicate fabrics.
    • Soak and Swirl: Immerse the garment in the soapy water and gently swirl it around for a few minutes. Avoid excessive rubbing or wringing, as this may damage the fibres.
    • Rinse with Care: Drain the soapy water and rinse the garment with cool, clean water until all detergent residue is removed.
    • Press Out Excess Water: Gently press the fabric between clean, dry towels to remove excess water. Do not twist or wring.

    Machine Washing (Optional)
    • If you choose to machine wash, use a delicate cycle with cold water and a mild detergent. Place the garment in a mesh laundry bag to protect it from friction and potential snags.
    • Lay Flat to Dry: Lay the garment flat on a clean, dry towel or a drying rack in a shaded area. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can fade colours and weaken the fibres.
    • Shape and Smooth: While the garment is drying, gently reshape it to its original dimensions and smooth out any wrinkles or creases. This will help maintain its drape and appearance.


    • If necessary, use a low to medium iron setting (silk or low heat) to remove wrinkles or creases. Always place a clean, thin cloth or pressing cloth between the iron and the fabric to protect it.


    • Store your Cupro-Viscose blend garments in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid hanging heavy items on hangers, as this can cause stretching or distortion.

    Additional Tips

    • Avoid contact with sharp objects or rough surfaces that could snag or pull the fabric.
    • Do not bleach or use harsh chemicals.
    • If a spill or stain occurs, address it promptly with a spot-cleaning method using mild detergent and water.
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