Our Fabrics

It starts with the fibres

The process of creating beautiful, long-lasting clothes begins with the fibres. We source high-grade fibres, from the most natural sources possible. Korean cottons are made from longer fibres, giving them a smooth feel and higher durability. They are more resistant to pilling, shrinking, and fading.

The manufacturing process

Fabrics are woven using environmentally friendly methods - using less water and chemicals during the production process. Korean cotton fabrics typically have a higher thread count than regular cotton fabrics, giving them a more luxurious feel. Our signature pattern designs are screen printed using hand-picked dyes, using clean water and in immaculate conditions.

The result

The upshot is soft, yet highly durable fabrics that drape delicately and hold their shape over a lifetime of wears and washes. The colours are rich and vibrant, and will add that slice of confidence to any wardrobe.