Olga de Polga is a collection of caring, dedicated, and passionate people. Curated by husband-and-wife Olga and Andrew, they have carefully selected the Olga team as they would their best friends. From the people you meet in our stores to those you speak with over the phone, our mandate has always been to allow space for everyone to express themselves in whichever way they so choose. We celebrate differences, discover the unordinary, and return to our most honest selves through collective collaboration. Each and every garment you see in store was born from the brain of Olga, but has been worked and re-worked to perfection by our beautiful team (and our loyal customers, rich with feedback). 

Meet The Olga Family 

Anna (Top Left)

Hi, I’m Anna and have been part of the Olga de Polga team for the past 12 months, working at both the Chapel St. and Brunswick St. stores - Love to mix it up!
One of my favourite Olga de Polga pieces to wear is the Milwaukee skirt.... so comfortable and flattering! Another of my latest faves is the Departure dress (navy and salmon!). 

Kristy (2nd from Left)

Hey I’m Kristy,
I work in the City Olga store where I meet so many lovely colour-loving strangers! I love hearing their stories and dressing them up, finding garments with them that they, not only fall in love with, but wear the absolute hell out of and must come back for more!

Every week is different and Olga and Andrew constantly keep me guessing - what will be next, what pattern, what Australian designed style, what natural fabric - so exciting. I totally love it!
Right now I am hanging out for the new knits that will be dropping soon in particular a gorgeous little blue cashmere number with a retro print of horses. When it arrives it will be mine!

Olivia (3rd from Left)

Hi! My name is Olivia and I’ve been with the Olga de Polga family for a few months. I work in the back end of things, processing orders and managing stock across all of our stores and stockists. You will also find me working at the Chapel Street store once in a while. Additionally, I have gladly taken on the role as the company’s unofficial snack-provider - wherever I go there are bound to be baked goods or sweets as well. As well as eating, I love basking in the sunshine and buying more books than I could ever read. My style is all about comfort so I love all of the lovely soft fabrics at Olga de Polga. I especially love the flowy, loose, light tops in all of their glorious colours and patterns.

Marit (3rd from Right)

Hi! My name is Marit (try pronouncing that correctly!). I’m from The Netherlands and I’ve been in Australia since March 2019. I started working as Product Distribution Coordinator at Olga de Polga in September and have loved going to work every single day since. I love OdP because of the fun garments I get to work with, the lovely customers that let me pack webshop orders daily, but especially the amazing family that I’ve built in the last few months! Unfortunately, my time here is coming to an end, and I’ll have to return back home. Luckily, I will have my favourite garment, the Dorothy skirt, to help me reminisce about the great times I’ve had. Great for a sunny day in Melbourne, but also perfect for the first days of spring in Holland!

Amanda (2nd from Right)

I have been working at Olga de Polga since January of this year having been a lawyer in a previous life. I was definitely attracted to the beautiful colours and story of how Olga de Polga came into being. I am passionate about art, architecture, design and travel and spend as much of my spare time exploring these as I can.
I’m also fascinated by people and love chatting to our customers and learning about them. We all have our stories and it’s wonderful to listen and learn. Every day is different and this is what I love about my job.
Without doubt my favourite piece of Olga clothing is my Milwaukee skirt. It goes with everything and I am always being asked about it when I’m wearing it. 
I love being surrounded by the colours in our stores. They just make you feel good.
We all need more colour in our lives.

Lisa (Top Right)

I work at the Brunswick St store and my name is Lisa. I love my cat, my friends and last but not least my Olga de Polga Gingham Blouse. I get inspired by people who think outside the box and dance to the beat of their own drum.

Nicola (Bottom Left)

Hey there! I'm Nicola and I am from Canada. If you are sending emails, responding to Instagram Stories, making comments or sending messages - I am who you are usually talking to. And yes, I do a little happy dance for every "like" and "follow" you give on our pages (thank you).

I have loved every minute working with Olga and Andrew. From our beautiful Chapel Street headquarters, to their living room table, to the back seat of their car, they have showed me what it means to run a successful, hard working, dynamic family business - while staying sane. 

Sumo (Fluff from Left)

Anna's beautiful pup, who would not sit still for the photo. Unlike this photo, you can find him quietly resting in our shops when Anna is working. 

Luka (2nd from Left)

My name is Luka Ruiz Stone, Son of Olga and Andrew. I work mostly with the vintage side of the business, but occasionally, I contribute with packing for wholesale, and coordinating the retail shops.

I've been working with and around Olga de Polga since I was a little boy, and my knowledge of the business is quite intricate.

I don't own many pieces, apart from a few socks, and pieces of vintage, as I'm not exactly the target demographic.
Olga de Polga is quite literally my family, and I feel that way for the whole team.

Olga (Bottom Centre)

Hello, my name is Olga. I started this little clothing label and had no idea that my family would grow this much. I am so grateful for all of the lovely people I get to work with every day. 

Andrew + Etta

Howdy, I am Olga's husband and this is Etta. Etta loves our cat named Allan (who could not make it to the photoshoot), and will argue to wear her favourite outfit until the end of time - the apple does not fall far from the tree. 

Cat (not pictured)

Hello! My name is Cat & I’m relatively new to the Olga family. You can find me between the City & Chapel Street, which is perfect because I live just a short bicycle ride between the two! My favourite ODP item is the Montreal Knit in navy - a real investment piece that is light, but warm. When I’m not in the shop, you’ll find me expressing my love for colour through hairdressing! I spend my free time exercising, eating treats and drinking cheeky glasses of Pinot.