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The creative and design process starts with two things: comfort and the women who love Olga de Polga. We ask our customers and stockists what they love, what they don't love, and why, and begin to design a collection based on what women in the world need today to thrive.

Olga then gets creative, painting and drawing artwork that will become the original textile prints in the collection. She also looks at vintage clothing for inspiration on shapes and prints.

Each season we use a range of classic designs, updated with new fabrics and prints. In every collection you’ll find the Olga tee, top and blouse, the drop waist and shift dress, the pleat and cotton skirt and the Peggy Jeans. Then we design a whole new collection of beautiful shapes and styles, based on Olga’s creative mind and the needs of our customers. 

Next, we work in collaboration with our factory in Korea, going back and forth to the factory (when we can travel), creating samples of fabrics and garments which are tweaked and changed to become what you see in the final collections online and in our flagship store in Brunswick Street Fitzroy. 

Each and every garment you see in store was born from the brain of Olga, but has been worked and re-worked to perfection by our beautiful team (and with the help of our loyal customers' and stockists' rich feedback).