FABRIC | In Transit Alpaca Cardigan

Let's dive into the magic of your new alpaca cardigan – the epitome of cosy elegance!

Luxurious Composition:

  • Spun from a blend of luxurious mohair and alpaca yarns, this cardigan is a true treasure. The combination of these premium fibres creates a fabric that's not just thick and warm but also incredibly soft and lustrous.

What's it made from?:

  • 58% Mohair: Get ready to experience pure luxury! Mohair brings a touch of opulence to the fabric, offering a plushness that feels like a warm embrace. Its natural sheen adds a subtle glow, elevating the cardigan to new heights of elegance.

  • 31% Alpaca: Softness personified! Alpaca fibres are renowned for their unmatched softness and warmth, making this cardigan a delight to wear. Alpaca wool is also lightweight and breathable, ensuring comfort without bulkiness.

  • 10% Nylon & 1% Spandex: The perfect blend of strength and stretch! Nylon and spandex fibres add durability and flexibility to the fabric, ensuring it maintains its shape and structure through every wear and wash.

Performance and Comfort:

  • This cardigan isn't just about looks – it's a performance powerhouse too! The blend of mohair, alpaca, nylon, and spandex ensures exceptional durability, elasticity, and shape retention.

  • Its natural thermal properties make it perfect for chilly days, providing unparalleled warmth without sacrificing breathability. Say goodbye to bulky layers – this cardigan has you covered!

  • And the best part? Despite its luxurious feel and appearance, this cardigan is surprisingly low-maintenance. A little love and care go a long way in keeping it looking and feeling like new.