FABRIC: Homebound printed Cotton Corduroy

The print

Dive into the graceful movement of "Homebound," where the enchanting dance of a flock of birds takes centre stage. Capturing the spirit of returning to the heart of home, this print symbolises a journey, a reunion, and the comforting embrace of familiar skies. With each wingbeat depicted on the fabric, "Homebound" is a visual ode to the beauty of migration and the intrinsic pull that draws us back to our roots.


The fabric

Introducing our fine, printed cotton corduroy, a fabric that strikes a harmonious balance between classic comfort and lightweight freshness.

Crafted with a refined texture and a finer wale, this corduroy is tailored for the transitional seasons, offering a lightweight, airy feel that's perfect for early spring, late autumn, and mild summer evenings.  Layer up with stockings and boots for winter.

Its delicate touch adds dimension to your clothing, making it versatile for both casual outings and semi-formal occasions.

With simple care instructions, this fabric effortlessly blends timeless style with seasonal comfort, making our garments in printed fine cord an essential choice for any Autumn outfit.