FABRIC: Deluxe Slub Linen

Crafted from the finest flax fibres, this is a mid-weight linen blend that has a graceful drape and airy breathability.

Extremely soft and blended with spandex, allowing for generous stretch and fantastic comfort.

Prepare to be embraced by softness. Thanks to the inclusion of spandex, this fabric delivers a cozy, plush feel against your skin. The added spandex also grants it a fantastic stretch, guaranteeing that your Luxe Linen garment fits like a dream and moves with you.

This fabric is your versatile go to. It embodies the robustness of linen, the comfort of cotton, the subtle sheen of rayon, and the flexibility of spandex, making it the perfect choice for both warm and cooler climates, due to its breathability. 


Composition: A carefully curated blend of 65% Deluxe Slub Linen, 19% Premium Fibre Cotton, 13% Rayon, and 3% Spandex. These components combine seamlessly to create the perfect fabric for crafting jackets and pants.