FABRIC: Central Park Viscose - Parisian dress


Make a statement with the Central Park print! This captivating design showcases an exciting interplay of large stripes and bold gingham checks, reminiscent of the bustling, inclusive streets of New York. Inspired by the city's world-class grid-like system and the iconic, magnificent Central Park, this print prominently features the essence of New York high above the cityscape.

With its vibrant assortment of colours, the Central Park print creates a captivating display that exudes energy and flair. Embrace the urban spirit and showcase your bold style with this dynamic and eye-catching fabric.


The Fabric:
Our beautiful dress made from soft and smooth viscose crepe fabric feels comfortable and looks elegant at the same time, making it a great addition to your wardrobe.

Viscose crepe has a lovely texture and shines a bit, adding a touch of glamour to the dress. It's lightweight and breathable, so you can wear it in any weather and feel good.

The dress has a timeless charm with its delicate crepe texture, making it perfect for both fancy events and casual outings. You can wear it with heels and accessories for parties or with simple flats for everyday wear.

This dress is suitable for various occasions, from weddings to workdays. Feel confident and stylish in our stunning viscose Parisian dress!

100% Viscose