FABRIC & CARE: Montreal


Angora refers to the downy coat produced by the Angora rabbit. Known for its soft, thin fibres, angora is much lighter and more delicate than wool. The angora fibre is shorter than wool and has a hollow interior, which gives this knit the halo-ey glow that you know and love. The hollow interior, however, does not allow for natural elasticity, which is why all of our angora sweaters are blended with acrylic fibres. If we didn't do this, the sweet knit you love would lose its integral shape. 

Does this angora sweater shed?
Yes. If it does not, it is not angora - or it composed of longer fibres. Although longer fibres shed less, the process involves plucking the rabbit - which is cruel. Our fibres are shorter because the rabbit is shorn - a cruelty-free process. Angora sweaters are known for being beautiful and soft. They're also known for their tendency to shed.

How can I minimise shedding?

Wear it.

The fibres will flatten and settle with use over time. We recommend wearing your angora knit with fabrics like denim and polyester, as the fibres are less likely to stick to these fabrics.

Keep it in a moist environment.

One of the reasons angora sheds is because the fibres can get statically charged. This means they'll draw other things (like hair or other fibres) to them. To avoid this, place the sweater in a room with a humidifier before you wear it. A humidifier or steam can keep the air from becoming too statically charged. You might need to do this frequently in the winter when the dry air can create static charges

Wash the sweater only when it needs it.

If you're in the habit of wearing a sweater for a short period of time and then washing it, you might be damaging the fibres. Unlike a sweater made from cotton or a synthetic material, angora only needs to be washed when it's truly dirty. You can over-wash an angora sweater which will wear out the fibres quickly. Wash your sweater if you notice dirt or sweat on the sweater or if it smells. Lay flat to dry.


 Garment Care


  • 80% Angora, 20% Acrylic
  • Hand wash or delicate machine wash in cold water in a garment wash bag
  • Do not wash in hot water
  • Do not put in dryer
  • Garment should be laid flat neatly to retain shape
  • Do not wring tightly, soak, bleach
  • Iron or steam back into shape after washing
  • Do not dry clean