FABRIC: Aurora printed Seersucker


Step into the captivating world of Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn, and embrace her radiant presence. Our Spring/Summer 2023 women's collection draws inspiration from her mythological grace, symbolising renewal with every new day.

Drenched in irresistible orange tones and captivating blues, our designs mirror the linear swirls of dawn and the rising sun. Each garment boasts unique placements, reflecting the varied paths we tread in life.

Embracing the beauty of individuality, this print celebrates the diversity of experiences, reminding us that we share the same world under the same skies, witnessing sunrises and sunsets from different angles.

With its enchanting layers of colour depth, our Aurora print exerts a magnetic pull, drawing people towards its allure, much like bees to honey or flowers.

Whether worn as a compliment to other pieces or embraced in full splendour, let Aurora stand beside you as you awaken to each new day.

Unfurl the curtains on your long summer days and bask in the mythological grace of Aurora's lustrous dawn.

Note - print placement will vary per individual garment. 



The Cotton Seersucker fabric used for this garment showcases a unique and distinctive texture that sets it apart from the rest. Its signature puckered surface creates a charming ripple effect, adding depth and dimension to the overall aesthetic. The lightweight and breathable nature of seersucker ensures a comfortable wearing experience, making it an ideal choice for warm-weather days.

Seersucker is floaty, lightweight and extremely breathable.  Depending on each individual, some may find the material sheer. A slip may be worn underneath if desired.

Every detail of this garment exudes refined craftsmanship. From the precisely tailored silhouette to the carefully placed accents, every aspect has been thoughtfully considered to create a flawless and luxurious piece. The seersucker fabric's subtle sheen elevates the garment, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance. 

Easy care makes this garment great to travel with.


60% Cotton 40% Rayon