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Olga de Polga prides itself on producing fashion ethically, working with factories in Korea that we have worked with for more than a decade. We strive to be sustainable, and are constantly learning how we can make changes to help the planet.

We have a strict code of conduct for our factories, which is: 

  • We build our integrity upon making ethical decisions 
  • We produce quality garments under a safe and ethical environment for all employees
  • Child labour is not acceptable
  • All materials used to produce our products will be lead-free and chrome-free.
  • All animal fibres (wool, mohair and angora) are cruelty free
  • Workers must be paid a fair wage under good working conditions.

Spending many months of the year in Korea working alongside the makers, we can attest to the workers being happy, healthy and their conditions being clean and comfortable. 

Sourcing fabrics of a high quality that are as sustainable as we can find is equally as important, as we work with printing factories to ensure a quality print that will last, as well as minimising the environmental footprint of the fabric. 

We always favour high quality fabrics are comfortable and will last. We love natural fabrics such as, silk, cotton, wool, angora and mohair. We also use viscose and rayon, which are regenerated fibres made from plant materials. 

​Olga de Polga encourages suppliers to use minimal packaging, decreasing the amount of single use plastic going to landfill. And we use compostable bags for our packages to customers.