Our Ethics


At Olga de Polga, our foundation rests upon more than a decade of collaboration with factories in Korea. We wear our pride in every garment we create, and our dedication to sustainability drives us to continually seek ways to better our planet.

A Code of Integrity

Our factories operate under a strict code of conduct, reflecting our commitment to ethical practices:

  • Ethical Decisions: We build our integrity by making ethical decisions at every step.
  • Safe Work Environment: We create quality garments within safe and ethical workspaces for all employees.
  • Child Labor-Free: We stand unwaveringly against child labor.
  • Lead and Chrome-Free Materials: All materials used in production are lead-free and chrome-free.
  • Fair Wages and Conditions: Workers are paid fairly and thrive in good working conditions.

Connecting with Craftsmen

Spending substantial time in Korea, working side by side with our makers, we can vouch for their happiness, health, and the pristine conditions they work in.

Sustainable Fabric Sourcing

Choosing high-quality, sustainable fabrics is central to our ethos. Our journey begins with sourcing materials that leave minimal environmental impact. We partner with printing factories to ensure vibrant, long-lasting prints while reducing our ecological footprint.

Quality and Comfort

Our affinity for quality naturally leads us to materials that are both comfortable and enduring. From the luxurious touch of silk to the warmth of wool, and the softness of cotton, angora, and mohair – we treasure natural fibres. We also embrace regenerated fibres like viscose and rayon, born from plant materials.

Minimal Packaging and Thoughtful Deliveries

Olga de Polga advocates for minimal packaging, curbing single-use plastics that would otherwise end up in landfills. We're proud to package our creations in compostable bags, extending our commitment to the environment.