​​SMLXL If you've walked into one of our Olga de Polga stores and/or stockists around Australia, you may have noticed a love for a certain fabric type throughout our ranges. ​​SMLXL   I'm sure the term 'seer' has popped into conversation every now and then when our sales assistants refer to many of our colourful and quirky dresses, skirts and tops. Those lovely ladies are most likely talking about a particular woven fabric composition and structure that we offer. Yep, it is the 'seersucker.' ​​SMLXL   Our seersucker is 70% cotton and 30% rayon. Most of you will find this fabric composition tends to be 100% cotton. Although this is so, the...

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Here at Olga de Polga we are all about colour and prints, its basically apart of our DNA. We love to have fun with print on print, bold colours and mixing tones, why? Because why not! The rest of the world is wearing black or a version of it and for us wearing fun tones makes us feel great! In saying that its not as easy as throwing on a black on black out fit and walking out the door, it takes time to think about how your going to put together your colourful outfit, and at times it can become...

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