FABRIC: Homebound printed cotton

The print: 

Dive into the graceful movement of "Homebound," where the enchanting dance of a flock of birds takes centre stage. Capturing the spirit of returning to the heart of home, this print symbolises a journey, a reunion, and the comforting embrace of familiar skies. With each wingbeat depicted on the fabric, "Homebound" is a visual ode to the beauty of migration and the intrinsic pull that draws us back to our roots.  

The fabric: 100% Cotton

Made from lightweight and breathable 100% cotton fabric, this garment effortlessly combines comfort with style, ensuring you feel both fabulous and at ease throughout the day. The lightweight nature of cotton lends an ethereal charm to the design, creating a captivating effect as it gracefully drapes over your silhouette.

With easy care, this garment is great to travel with.