FABRIC: Galaxy printed 100% Cotton

Print: Immerse yourself in the contemporary allure of "Galaxy," where a navy base becomes a canvas for the avant-garde interplay of irregular shapes. This print transcends conventional boundaries, inviting you to explore the limitless possibilities within a sea of sophistication.

The navy backdrop, punctuated by an arrangement of irregular shapes, forms a visual symphony that speaks to the diversity and inclusivity of our shared human experience. "Galaxy" is a celebration of individuality within a collective tapestry, a reminder that beauty thrives in the harmonious blend of uniqueness.

Each garment adorned with the Galaxy print becomes a wearable work of art, a testament to the boundless expressions of style that resonate across cultures and boundaries. Embrace the universal language of fashion with this print, where each irregular shape tells a story of the myriad connections that unite us all.


Fabric: 100% Cotton

Made from lightweight and breathable 100% cotton fabric, this garment effortlessly combines comfort with style, ensuring you feel both fabulous and at ease throughout the day. The lightweight nature of cotton lends an ethereal charm to the design, creating a captivating effect as it gracefully drapes over your silhouette.

With easy care, this garment is great to travel with.