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Our design process from the wee seed of an idea to the garments you know and love is an endless, collaborative, and ever-evolving adventure. Come on board, we’ll walk you through it…

Where do we start? 

Round table, collaborative staff meetings at our Prahran Treehouse Loft (the brain of Olga de Polga). Climb the creaky stairs at our Chapel Street location, elbow your way through some out-of-control indoor plants, and you will find our creative headquarters. But it doesn’t end there - impromptu queries and conversations continue at all of our store locations, online, over coffee, in the street, in the car - you get the gist. We discuss with our invaluable staff (the humans you know and love, who work on the ground, in our stores) what our customers have been asking for. Colours, shapes, and textures, are passed around and reviewed. Adjustments to released current items as well as new are made often, based on customer feedback. 

From there, we venture onto the (mostly) sunny streets of Melbourne with wide eyes and curious minds. As Melbourne is a city that flourishes with incredible vintage finds, we spend a great deal of our time thumbing through vintage shops, seeking unique pieces that mash together to create our timeless Australian-inspired designs. From this research, we produce an extensive library of fabrics, designs, and mood boards, which we bring back to our round-table discussion time after time. 

Fabric and garment specifications are provided to our makers, who interpret our designs and produce collaborative samples. Samples of fabrics and garments are received, subjected to close scrutiny, returned and often modified. These modifications made by our makers are based on years of experience, working closely with design and the Olga de Polga brand. Our MAKERS page is currently being constructed with love - stay tuned!

Next? We receive our final samples and test the results! Our three Melbourne-based retail stores receive the products first, and our loyal and lovely customers have the first say before we commit to producing a product. Through this intimate, honest, and very public process, our customers (yes, you) tell us what they love, what they hate, what they would change - to pocket, or not to pocket.  

Samples are finalised and the garments are made and distributed. But it doesn’t end there. Our products are always evolving - we are always listening. You ask for a bigger size, we’ll give you a bigger size. More leg room? Easy. We can’t guarantee that all feedback will be met with product modification, but we can guarantee that your feedback will never fall on deaf ears.  

And that, ladies and gentlemen (and everyone in between), is our process.