Why Olga de Polga? The name was born from the creative mind of Michael Bond, who created a series of children’s books published in 1971. Each tale followed the ordinarily wacky life of a little guinea pig named Olga. She was always surrounded by a plethora of family and friends whom she loved dearly. In her happy garden, the wee guinea pig would tell long and colourful stories of her vast adventures of ordinary life. Olga (of Polga) sees the world through technicolour glasses, and her greatest joy in the world is to share her experience with others.  

Olga (of Melbourne) grew up with a love for the long and colourful tales told by her furrier alter-ego Olga de Polga. She was the youngest in a large family, and grew up in one of the oldest houses on the beautiful shores of Brighton. When her cousins would come around, they would spend all their nights and days frolicking in the garden and at the beach. Olga was always the last to return home from a long day of adventures, and would gather her family to tell them about her dense day, filled with glitter and glee. Olga continues to romp around the world, adventuring to construct stories to share with you through bold prints, irresistible textures, and classic shapes. Just like her little guinea pig friend, she seeks to excavate the extraordinary.