Last night I dreamt that humans evolved from birds.

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Last night I dreamt that humans evolved from birds. It made so much sense in my dream – the freedom of a bird, yet grounded by our weighty conscious, morals, judgements, opinions, loves and hates… I could go on. As like most of my dreams, when they become too complex, I divert to an easier place – so in the end, I was drawing birds in their human form. I’m not sure what it was all about, but I woke up this morning wondering where we really came from, and most seriously, where are we going?

Usually I would imagine that we are just following the same path our ancestors have. The same path of densely compressed earth that has been packed into stone over time by those before us. But, with the current situation, you wonder where we are really going, what lessons we are learning and how it will all end up. In my heart of hearts, I am truly hoping this is our intersection. That the path breaks, splits into two, cracks or shatters into a million pieces. Regardless of the shape it takes, I am hoping that us humans will now make the correct turn. We have gone on the same path for so long, never really correcting our known mistakes and bad behaviours. We’ve never really stopped to look at the hard-worn path and see the damage that it is causing the earth and ourselves. This is our time to make the change - smash the path (or simply hop off onto the dewy grass) - and become the people we really want to be.

So many I have spoken to during this period of Covid are of the same mind. They see the light. They see the path, and they see it’s faults. The light in the darkness of this wretched virus. Let’s gather the better bits of humanity – the colourful weeds poking through the cracks on our path - and take that into the future.

I believe that we are from nature. We are an ever-evolving spirit that is represented in different life forms. Some of us are humans, some are cats, others are trees. We are all a part of the same planet and we are all equal. No one is better than the other. Some may be more developed in some ways, less in others.

When we are children, life seems so simple. The hardest decision of the day is whether we will wear think pink dress or the yellow dress. Do I play with snoopy or bunny? As we grow, we seem to cloud our thoughts and judgement with so much ‘matter’. So much, that we stop seeing clearly, simply. Innately, we know what is right and wrong. We make choices that are different because we can and we want to. We feel empowered by this. Power and control that we lacked in our youth, that we now eagerly take hold – led by ego.

Let us be stripped of this ego, in this ‘down time’ – come back to basics and be the real people we are on the inside. Let us not be simply defined by where we came from, or who we evolved from or who influenced us. Let us be our basic human selves and let us connect with our nature, our own paths and each other. Let us be like our bird friends who move together in path-less, free unison.

So, Victoria, we have had this down time once before. Did you make that sourdough? Did you start a new crochet project? In this down time, let’s strip away the ego and observe. Let’s breathe. Let’s come back to basics. Let’s try doing nothing at all. Let’s finally give our busy minds and bodies the rest they rightfully deserve, turn our eyes to the sky and watch the birds go by.

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