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Who am I (Olga)?

Written by Olga Stone


Posted on March 31 2020

For the first of (hopefully many) blog posts to come, I want to introduce myself in a quick, easy, factual way. Whether you have been wearing Olga de Polga for years, or you just met us this week: Welcome, hello, how are you? Here are 39 quick facts about me (Olga).

Who am I (Olga)?

1) I am from Melbourne.
2) I studied (way back when) at RMIT in Marketing and Fashion.
3) I lived overseas for about 17 years.
4) I have 2 beautiful Children - 16 years apart.
5) I am married to Andrew.

6) I love fabric.
7) I love colour.
8) I love the paint colour section at Bunnings.
9) I love creating.
10) I love home.

11) I love working with my hands; cooking food, concoctions, dying clothes, tie die, planting seeds and putting my hands in dirt. 
12) I love making.
13) I lived in Colombia.

14) I love travel.
15) I am a Cancer.
16) I am an only child.
17) My favourite thing is to be set free in a fabric market.

18) I love my customers; their beautiful letters and emails, your visits in shop and lengthy conversations we have had; years of support.I love my job.
19) I love my friends like family; laughing, talking, being there for each other.
20) I love my staff; how passionate, proud and collaborative they are about our designs.
21) I love my suppliers; their endless hard work and beautiful ideas.
22) I love my stockists; how they seamlessly integrate my unique designs into their unique shops.

23) I hate Capsicum.
24) I love Chocolate.
25) I love Cheese on toast.
26) I am obsessed with 4 letter names.
27) I have a floor phobia.
28) I was born deaf in one ear.
29) I believe in star signs and numerology.
30) I believe in a spiritual world.
31) I would ideally live on a very green piece of land beside the beach.
32) I love some pretty terrible soap opera.
33) I speak Spanish.
34) I love comedies.

35) I have two dogs, and cat who sucks his tail when he gets nervous.
36) I could eat the same things every day.
37) I only drink water and coffee.
38) If I could do anything else, I would love to be a rally car driver (plus helmet, minus mask).
39) I don't actually have a favourite colour.
40) Most of all, I love being a mum.
Thanks for tuning in for this quick read.
From my family to yours, stay safe and take care of one another.
xo Olga