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Olga's Shopping Guide: For Teachers

Written by Olga Stone


Posted on October 05 2020


Today is World Teachers' Day! In celebration, we picked Olga's brain to bring you some of our most popular items purchased by teachers! 

My favourite teacher was at uni… a hippie left over from the 70’s, he taught me marketing communications. He had a palm tree in his office and wore Hawaiian shirts. He helped me heaps but never gave me the answers I craved; he made my mind work for them. It was brilliant. And when I finally got it, I got it!


I have always loved learning, and somehow my love for education has trickled into my designs, with many of our loyal customers being teachers. Teachers love our colourful designs – especially our seer skirts, drop waist dresses and blouses. Each of these designs is easy to wear, easy to pair, forgiving, discrete, and light and easy to move in. Of course, many of our designs fall into these categories but, amongst teachers, these are our best sellers.

Colour gets a positive reaction and is said to give the wearer more of a “fun” demeanour and like-ability. This is why some of our most colourful prints are those you will see frolicking around a classroom. Our most popular prints for teachers include the Let’s Dance, the Fiesta, or The Balloons. What attribute do they share? They are simple short-repeat patterns that are subtle yet eye-catching in colour, and evoke a sense of fun, party (confetti, lights, camera, action! – you get it. Something that screams: “learning is fun!” to the little boy who cries over his math homework.


With these popular designs in mind, we cooked up an all new print for you that encompasses these attributes and more! Part of the Spring + Summer 2021 Collection Home, named after exclusively Aussie locations and landmarks, we called it the Bonnie Doon. Bonnie Doon is a tourist destination in Victoria, known by many from the Australian classic movie “The Castle.” In the movie, the location is highlighted for its serenity and peacefulness. The cheeky Aussie classic reminds us to look on the bright side, the importance of family, and working with what you’ve got. Now, those are some great things to share with the next generation.

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