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All the rules have gone out the window.

Written by Olga Stone


Posted on April 24 2020

Covid19 has brought out a different person in me. All the rules have gone out the window. I would have never posed in a photo before before all of this. I would have never asked for the help that I have in the last month. With everything from business advice, to asking my mother to be a model for our website.
It made me realise that I have so many resources around me that I have never even thought to entertain. All the people we really wanted wearing our clothes were right in front of me - already wearing our clothes.
This is Lucy and Fiona. I have known these ladies since I was a teenager, first day of high school. Fiona and I worked together in a grocery store deli. When I first met Lucy, I asked her if she would be my best friend. She agreed.
Before social distancing fully set in, I asked my childhood friends, Lucy and Fiona to model for our website. Real people who really wear our clothes in their day to day. It was only supposed to be a few hours, but ended up taking up most of the day. After 2,400 photos, a mountain of clothes, I realised that these photos -these people were what I was looking for all along - and they were right under my nose. Crisis truly makes you think outside the box. Thank you to my beautiful friends for such a wonderful afternoon filled with colourful laughter. I am so grateful to you both.
xo Olga