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A Beer with the Boys

Written by Olga Stone


Posted on September 25 2020

Drunk through the decades, beer brings people together all around the world and that’s definitely the case here in Australia. 

With our yearly Christmas party forever taking place at the Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond, Olga and Andrew’s local, we knew Andrew would be the one to grill on all things beer.


How does one decipher between which kind of beer to order?

The type of beer you go for depends on the weather outside, if it’s hot or if it’s cold, and once you get to your perfect climate you then have to decide between the 6 or more different taps at your local pub, bar or brewery. It’s not easy picking just one, but flights are always a good way to find out what you like.


What is your personal fav?

Dark Lager, Pale Lager, Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Pilsner, the list goes on. I love beer and I love experimenting with flavours and food pairings. Some of the best beer can be found at Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond. It’s a smaller brewery, they sponsor a lot of community radio stations and things like that.

Mountain Goat Beer Brewery is located on 80 North Street in Richmond and post lockdown, the Goat bar is open Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays with free brewery tours every Wednesday. 

 When we head over to Korea to collaborate with our makers, I always go for a Cass beer. Cass is my last name, so it feels fitting.  


With the Melbourne lockdowns, you must be missing your local.

Definitely, but the lockdown has given us time away from these beautiful venues to appreciate them more. I really do miss the social aspect of going for a beer with friends. Going to the pub with your mate on a Friday just seems right, it’s a meeting place for people and for some it’s the highlight of their week. But, through the lockdown we have found other ways to get creative and share a beer together – Zoom is great, but definitely not the same.


What are some good memories you have with beer?

Mate, heaps. Beer and memories, definitely correlate, whether they are good or bad there are always memories that come with a side of beer. Any motor bike event; tons of beer, car event; tons of beer, breakfast - the list goes on. Whether it’s a concert or festival, I always enjoy a cold beer on a hot day, and there’s nothing better than fresh out of the tap, right from the barrel where it hasn’t been affected by conditions.


Do you think beer is a signature Australian drink?

In the First World War the ANZACS used to drink Broadside Strong Original Ale.  That could be one reason why there is no better pair than ANZAC Day and beer. Every ANZAC Day, pubs are overruled in support, it doesn’t matter where in the country you are, the majority of the Australian population is at the pub. If you see and old digger, you go and say hello and buy them a beer. You might not have family, but when you go to the pub everyone knows you. It’s more than the beer, its family. It’s part of our culture.


We wanted to thank you Andrew for letting us pick his brain and for all future brain-picks. Stay tuned for more from the Olga de Polga team.